Common points for buying leisure chairs
Updated 2021-04-16

1. The depth of the lounge chair

Generally speaking, in a more formal place, people's sitting posture is short and long and often straight, and more people sit in a shallower position in front of the chair. However, if you are at home, you may sit deeper when relaxed, and the whole area seems to be trapped in the chair. When you are shopping, you can sit down first, try the depth and depth of your body when you are seated, and then you can know whether it meets your needs.


2. The height of the leg of the leisure chair

The height of the legs of a leisure chair is related to the length of the legs of the software person. Except for high chairs like chairs, the seat height of general chairs is not too exaggerated, but if there are really thin people or young children in the home, Think about it too.


3. The height of the armrest of the lounge chair

If you have the habit of hanging your hands freely, you might choose a chair with lower or no armrests. If the porridge shrinks the whole area in the middle of the chair, is it spicy? A chair with higher armrests and a deeper seat surface is about short and long. Chang Jia chooses it.


4. The height of the back of the lounge chair

Regarding the "serious attitude" of rice porridge, in addition to choosing a stool without armrests and backrests, you can also choose chairs with low armrests and low backrests. At this time, the center of gravity of the seated person will be on the person's waist and hips; if the porridge will be If the center of gravity is placed on the back and therefore leaning on the backrest, you may wish to choose a chair with a higher backrest. At this time, you can also see if the height of the backrest is close to the neck. Occasionally, the height of the chair is close to the neck, which makes the software habitual. Put the neck on the backrest at a 90-degree angle, but waiting for a while will cause danger to the cervical spine.


5. The slope of the lounge chair

The slope of the chair back and the softness and comfort of the "additional" should also be considered. The slope of the back of the chair is bounded by 90 degrees, and most chairs are slightly larger than 90 degrees. As soon as it comes, the center of gravity of the person can be slightly backward, and the entire area can be seated on the chair securely. Chairs with larger leisure functions have a greater slope, which makes people seem to "lie down" on a chair.