Maintenance methods to prevent deformation?
Updated 2021-04-16

1. Uneven force

The hardness of solid wood is not as good as that of metal. If a part of the surface is always exposed to heavy objects, it will cause the wood to be compact and squeezed, which will lead to the deformation of both sides.


2. The earth is not satisfied

Similar to the meaning of uneven force, if the earth is not satisfied, if the software is continued, the side of the park tables and chairs in the recesses of the earth will be lower than the other wall, which affects the beauty of the park tables and chairs and the software experience.


3. Moisture

The wooden chair strips of leisure chairs contain a certain amount of moisture. Why soak the anti-corrosion pool, that is, let the solid wood absorb the anti-corrosion liquid and form a protective film on the surface to achieve the purpose of locking or reducing the loss of water in the solid wood. If the park tables and chairs are always in a humid environment, rainwater will wash the protective film and secrete into the solid wood, and the solid wood will stretch and deform.


4. Exposure

The tables and chairs in the park are always exposed to the sun, the moisture content of the wood is quickly lost, and the layout inside changes, and the phenomenon of deformation and cracking is discovered in a leisurely manner.


What should I do if the tables and chairs in the park are deformed?


It is difficult to repair the deformation of the park tables and chairs, so the maintenance and protection of the park tables and chairs must be valued.


1. Purchasing qualified park tables and chairs products. Park tables and chairs are generally treated with anti-corrosion treatment, so the air-drying treatment of park tables and chairs must meet the standard.


2. Just like the above-mentioned leisure chair will deform due to uneven force, it will be free from heavy objects. Admin can be in the park


Put a slogan around the tables and chairs to remind people.


3. The tables and chairs in the park are placed very well in a cool and ventilated place, protected from direct sunlight.


4. Whenever the rain is over, the administrator should wipe off the moisture on the surface of the park tables and chairs with their hands to keep them clean.


5. Regularly paint or wax the tables and chairs in the park.