What are you afraid of outdoor furniture?
Updated 2021-04-16

After the summer, the use of outdoor furniture reappears. It is a household item that people can't live, work, and social activities in hot weather. While meeting people's life needs and leisure and entertainment, it also brings people a sense of visual beauty. Many people do not know when they software outdoor furniture that they are also "scared".


Sunshades, sun umbrellas-fear of bumps

Folding sunshade products are mostly supported by iron pipes and aluminum pipes. During the installation process, care should be taken to handle them with care, so as to avoid bumps or damage due to excessive local force. At the same time, although awnings and sun umbrellas are specially used for outdoor shading and leisure, they are not really used for sheltering from wind and rain. Therefore, you should try to spare the software when it is windy and rainy. If there is water on the top cloth, it must be cleaned out in time to avoid permanent force and damage to the umbrella stand.


Plastic tables and chairs-fear of exposure

Software folding plastic outdoor leisure tables and chairs should be placed on a stable ground or grass as far as possible to avoid swaying and tilting. The cleaning of plastic tables and chairs is very simple, just wipe it with a general detergent, and then clean it with water. However, plastic tables and chairs must be spared from exposure to the sun, otherwise problems such as fading and breakage will be found.


Rattan furniture-fear of deformation

Folding rattan tables and chairs or recliners are lighter and easier to move, so you can use clean water and detergent to clear these tables and chairs. To clean the dust of rattan furniture, in addition to gently wiping with a rag, it can also be a software vacuum cleaner. In the usual software outdoor hanging baskets, pay attention to the joints of the rattan weaving, try not to expose the rattan weaving mouth, otherwise it will bend and deform.


Imitation rattan furniture-afraid of scratching

Folding rattan-like outdoor furniture, the software material is synthetic polyester resin, high temperature will cause the rattan to soften, which will lead to the deformation of the outdoor hanging basket and the software cannot be used. Therefore, in the software imitating rattan furniture, you must avoid the sun exposure, and also avoid hard objects scratching and affecting the appearance.