Optional swivel chairs knowledge


Style: consistent with their own preferences
From the base point of view, there are circular and pentagonal wheel chassis type and so on; look back, high back, low back and no back swivel chair; Zhuanyi handrails also different, with a solid mahogany elegant gas, and steel handrails chair is unique, a lot of pure white and smooth surface use, very modern and avant-garde style.
Color: look comfortable as well
Common are red, blue and orange. In the bedroom or den should avoid the use of red chair, in order to avoid too active. Orange produce energy, this chair is suitable for color entertainment room, while the bedroom, den you should not. Blue gives the feeling of tranquility.
Function: Select from the use of space up
High-back swivel chair, very suitable for people to use at home, able to pass a casual, relaxed home atmosphere; streamlined shape, color contrast, with a strong visual aesthetic swivel chair, very suitable for singles or family den, studio; strong personal style leisure chair, is suitable for placement in the corner of the living room or balcony.
Quality: Overall Investigation
Immersive first need to try to get on and feel comfortable swivel chairs; on the ground and then dragged some distance, good wheel chair relatively stable and not slippery; followed by hand on the seat surface inspection, cotton face good elasticity, indicating that quality is better, if not suppressed for a long time playing together, it indicates a problem with the quality inside. Finally, check the quality of the pressure pad is reliable.
Price: is not the only measure
Chair of the price gap is large, expensive to reach thousands of dollars, a few hundred dollars cheaper, some even only a few dozen yuan. Buyers according to their level of economic and household needs to choose a different grade swivel chair and price, but price is not the only measure of good or bad chair, the key had to examine the quality and swivel function.