Seven improper ways to use outdoor furniture
Updated 2021-04-16

There are many ways to maintain outdoor furniture on the Internet, but there are different criticisms. What I report to my friends is that we must choose an accurate and effective maintenance method!


One taboo: Place sharp or rough bottom items directly on the surface of the furniture, which may cause scratches on the surface of outdoor furniture.


Two avoidance: Rinse with water or wipe outdoor furniture with a warm rag.


Three taboos: Transcend the use of furniture beyond the control of the furniture, do not jump on the sofa or mattress; do not open the cabinet door or pull the drawer slide; do not place heavy objects on the furniture surface for a long time, or place too heavy on the edge of the table. Excessive external force on objects and effects will cause the furniture to deform, and even cause the furniture’s center of gravity to fall unsteadily, which will damage the furniture; if a heavy object is placed on top of furniture such as a large closet, the physical effort will cause the cabinet door to protrude and the cabinet door cannot be closed. Strict; Don't stack clothes too much, and avoid going over the cabinet door to prevent the cabinet door from deforming.


Four taboos: contact the surface of outdoor furniture with corrosive materials, such as alcohol, nasal spray banana water, gasoline, nail polish, strong acids, alkalis, etc.


Five taboos: place hot or cold equipment above 100 degrees Celsius on outdoor furniture.


Six taboos: pull hard when moving, and damage the tenon or hardware at the heel of the furniture.


Seven taboos: place outdoor furniture in high temperature or extremely cold conditions or places, do not expose furniture to the sun for a long time, avoid placing it in a place that is too rigid to prevent the wood from cracking and deforming; do not place the furniture in a humid environment , Wooden furniture and fabric furniture will become moldy when they are wet, and metal furniture and furniture's hinges, slides, and spring metal parts will also rust, which will affect the normal use of furniture.