Cleaning and maintenance swivel chairs


 Chair, we know that it will focus on local support can turn the chair, and more cleaning and maintenance can prolong its life, the following, we look at how to clean and maintain it.
1、Often with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust on the chair, so as to keep the surface clean.
2、For dirty place, with dry cleaners or scouring agents treated the Almighty it. Cortical surface using the transfer material is generally made, so at this point is somewhat similar to the maintenance and sofa.
3、You can use fiber cleaning spray wax spray again in the surface of the sofa, chair surface protection will not be deep pollution.
4、When the chair is dirty, it is best to ask a professional cleaning company to clean, high-grade sofa need to wash once a year.
Swivel bearings should regularly check. If one day find that it has been less sturdy, or sit there to the feeling of moving, it will be repaired.